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The Tombs

The Tombs - Deborah Schaumberg Loved it. What a roller coaster of a book.
I hope there will be a sequel.
full review to come

The House Of Smoke

The House Of Smoke - Sam Christer With that ending I'm assuming there might be a book 2?

I listened to the audio version of this book, which is the only reason I made it to the end. The way the write up for this book was written I was expecting a book about Sherlock and Moriaty instead it's about Simeone who ends up working for James Moriatys brother. While he is waiting to be hanged for murder he recounts his life.
Maybe because I went in to this assuming there was more Sherlock than there was but I found it to be lacking. I felt like there was this barrier between me and the main character. like the author didn't really want to share him.
I just didn't gel with this book.
Weekend read.
Weekend read.

Reading this paranormal/shifter read by Golden Czermak. 

Cooper finds himself in the centre of a fight between good and evil and warring wolf groups.


The Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire Boxed Set

The Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire Boxed Set - Rod Duncan A fun listen.

Ink, Iron, and Glass

Ink, Iron, and Glass - Gwendolyn Clare I loved this book.
The world building was so descriptive that I actually felt I was there with Elsa and her friends trying to save the world's.
Elsa was such a strong character who grew through out the book. I liked how she had flaws and acknowledged them and learnt from them.
The touch or romance just added to the story without over taking it the way it does it other books.
That ending! I need book 2 now.
This is one of my favourites this year.

Mary's Monster: Love, Madness, and How Mary Shelley Created Frankenstein

Mary's Monster: Love, Madness, and How Mary Shelley Created Frankenstein - Lita Judge This was a very interesting look in to Mary Shelly tortured life. Who knew she had such a life while living with Percy.
The illustrations made this book all the more haunting.

The Leak of Madness

The Leak of Madness - Alice J. Black what a great introduction to what will be a great series.
This short was quick and introduced us to Peyton, who uses alcohol as a way to blot out the voices.. While at a Manor house for her friends bothers wedding she is besieged by the now deceased owner.
This book had fun, dark and spooky and I just loved Peyton. she wasn't your typical beauty who has it all.
I can't wait to read more about Peyton.

Operation Hail Storm (Hail Series Book 1)

Operation Hail Storm (Hail Series Book 1) - Brett Arquette, Jim Gabler, Michael Picco I received a copy from the author.

First I shall admit to no finishing, this is not my usual genre to read but it sounded good and had many 5 star reviews.

Basically Marshall Hail, after the deaths of his family at the hands of terrorists decides to take the FBI most wanted list on. After killing a North Korean he attracts the CIA who want his help concerning a Russian arms dealer who was selling weapons to the guy Hail killed.

It stated out great, jumped right in and I thought great. state of the art drones getting ready to take the guy out. Nothing happened, for a few chapters. Talk about drawn out. I just got fed up of all the in depth weapon talk, don't get me wrong the was impressive. Clearly a well researched book.
Because I didn't finish the book all I can say is that it all the makings of a great thriller but it was just so long winded and too much time spent on describing the weapons.
I was expecting something similar to the Alex Hunter books by Greig Beck but wasn't to be.


Fathomless - Greig Beck Another great book. Well written and researched. Greig Beck is fast becoming a favourite author. Can't wait for The Void.


Tin - Pádraig Kenny What a fun book.

This book centers on a group of mechanicals who set out to rescue one of there own who isn't all he seems. It's about the lengths friends will go to to help no matter the differences.

This book throws you straight in to the story and in the opening chapters we meet Christopher, Jack, round Rob, Manda and Gripper. When Christopher is taken after its discovered he's not a proper boy, his friends set out to find his creator and get him back.
What follows is a series of little adventures and some truths been revealed about who Christopher is.

I really enjoyed this book, it had such innocence to it. A group of friends helping each other no matter their differences. The characters were well written and all played their parts perfectly.
I liked that the story got going straight away, with no lengthy descriptions. The world building was enough to allow me to see the world created.
All in all I really enjoyed reading this book

The Specimen

The Specimen - Pete Kahle I loved this book. I'm trying to decide if the author is a serious cat hater or lover. full review to come.

Perdido Street Station

Perdido Street Station - China Miéville I listened to the audio version of this book.

Firstly, I believe over 40% of this book could have been left out. A huge amount was spent on narrative that was not needed nor help progress the story. I found it to cause confusion at times, also the book jumped from character to character with no clear indication of whos point of view we were now dealing with, that could also have been down to the narrator of the audio book. He did read fast at times.
I didn't gel with the characters but found that the author didn't really spend time describing them so I couldn't picture them. The world building was seriously lacking. The author hinted at this world but seemed to want to keep it a secret.
The part were he describes pigs been killed was unnecessary. It was not needed.
If it wasn't for the fact I had this on audio I would t have got past the first chapter. It's a good job audible let me return it.
This book wasn't for me. I didn't enjoy it.


Spellslinger - Sebastien de Castell long winded, I found the lack of world building to be an issue. I couldn't really visualize the setting. It just appeared to be set in a circle of magic sand.
kellan was your typical whiny teenager who started to annoy me. The squirrel cats were the best part.

Anno Dracula

Anno Dracula  - Kim Newman not sure what to make of this book. It was interesting but also comic. Full review to come.


Ritüel - Adam Nevill, Osman Bulut scary my arse. review to come

Hunting Prince Dracula

Hunting Prince Dracula - Kerri Maniscalco I didn't find this one has engaging as the first book. I thought too much time was spent on describing the feelings between the two main characters and that the story was rushed just to fill in the gaps.