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The Empty Grave

The Empty Grave - Jonathan Stroud What a great ending to what has been a fantastic series. I've enjoyed my journey with Lockwood and co.
This series has been a refreshing change from some young adult books I've read.
Lucy in my eyes is a great role model. she's been plucky and strong through out the series.
This series just kept on giving the twists and turns. It was ended right and maybe in a way that we haven't heard the last from Lockwood and co.

The Colour of Magic

The Colour of Magic  - Terry Pratchett This book was slow, dull and the least bit funny. I had to give up. It had unlikable characters that were wooden. I was expecting a richly described world, that is not what I got. I could not visualise any of the world that was being created.
Unfortunately these books are not for me.

Good Me, Bad Me

Good Me, Bad Me - Ali Land Wow! I really enjoyed this book. I don't really read thrillers or fiction that doesn't contain some sort of fantasy elements, but something drew me to this and I'm glad it did.
The first thing to mention is I believe this should have been written has a journal. The writing style read like a journal. Sentences ending abruptly and change of pace.
The story grips you from the start. A young girl decides to tell on her serial killer mum, and what follows is Annie now Milly, trying to fit in with her foster family, the trial of her mother and who Milly herself really is.
Things begin to unravel with Phoebe, Millys foster sister starts to bully her, setting off a series of events lead to the shocking ending.
I was kept on tenter hooks all the way through. The atmosphere just kept building till you knew something was going to happen and it did.
I'm so glad I picked this up on a whim.

The Carnelian Crow

The Carnelian Crow - Colleen Gleason What an ending. I need the final book now!


1984 - George Orwell, Erich Fromm Started of great. I got pulled in to Winstons 1984 world. The whole big brother is watching, the elite ruling the masses. But then near the end I started to lose interest and felt the nicely flowing tale was rushed to end.

The Curious Case of Mary Ann

The Curious Case of Mary Ann - Jenn Thorson what a great murder mystery set in wonderland. I liked all the events of this were happening at the same time Alice was in wonderland. This is only mentioned a few times but it adds to the story.
I loved Mary Ann and how she was given a life of her own.
I just wished there was more of the Cheshire cat in the tale. I do hope there will be a book 2

Buffy: The High School Years- Glutton for Punishment

Buffy: The High School Years- Glutton for Punishment - Kel McDonald, Joss Whedon, Yishan Li It's Buffy, what can I say. I always loved the series when it was done during high school so these comics are the best

The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.: A Novel

The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.: A Novel - Neal Stephenson, Nicole Galland This book started out great. I'm not normally one for time travel, but this had a bit of magic and mystery and seemed to work. The characters were well written and funny and the story flowed. Flowed untill part 3. I think over 200 pages of memos, emails and other such stuff took away from the book and ultimately ruined it for me. Parts 1, 2 and most of 5 were great. Parts 3, 4 and the first few pages of part 5 really didn't need to be there.

Curiouser and Curiouser: Pool of Tears: Book One

Curiouser and Curiouser: Pool of Tears: Book One - Erin Pyne, Cayce Moyer very good read, pictures could have been bigger and I really need book 2

Curiouser and Curiouser

Curiouser and Curiouser - Melanie Karsak I received this from the author for a review.

I loved it. I wish it had been longer, but I still enjoyed it.

Alice has got away from a life of crime and is working for a Lord. When her sisters suitor is beaten up for gambling Alice ends up doing a job to save him, which puts her back in the fold with her true love. She ends up doing one last job for the man she loves .

The story starts with the theft of a pocket watch and Alice finds herself once again down the rabbit hole. From start to finish this book just kept coming. It never let up once.
Alice is conflicted through most of the book and you feel for her. She walked away from the life of crime and the man she loved only to be dragged back in. All the feelings she tries to hide just burst out. I liked Alice. She was a strong female lead who, has much has she loved William, she didn't need him either.

William was a scoundrel that you have to love. Gets himself in trouble, has men do and is saved by Alice.

I really liked how the characters from Alice in wonderland are portrayed has everyday people and how well it worked. Most retellings take Alice back to wonderland, this one didn't and it worked great.

I do wish the steampunk elements had been in depth. They were only hinted at in small doses. Maybe if the book had been longer then more could have been explored.

My final thoughts are great book and I hope there's a book two


Gyre - Jessica Gunn first I received this in exchange for a review.

I found this to be confusing, each chapter been from either Trevor or Chelsea view put started to grate. Especially when things from the previous chapter were said from the other persons view point. so to me it was growing tired going over the same stuff. I understand that maybe that was the best way to get things across but didn't work for me.
I thought the story line was intriguing, an ancient war between Atlantis and Lemuria and Trevor and Chelsea been on opposite sides and trying to stop some ancient Atlantian artefacts from falling in to the wrong hands.
I found the character of Trevor to be annoying and moanie, he had conflicts and seemed to dwell on that which I found tiresome.
Chelsea was slightly better, not has conflicted but she still grated at times.
Overall it was how the book was written that put me off and stopped me from really enjoying it.

Tanners Dell

Tanners Dell - S.E. England, Sarah England Great book. Felt the ending was rushed. Full review when book 3 is read

Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles

Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles - J.M. Sullivan I loved this book. It had everything, Alice and most of the characters well known, zombie like creatures and a mad scientist. Basically it's Alice in wonderland meets resident evil.
This book draws you in to the Wanderland and the Momeraith problem. I just loved it. Well written and likeable characters.

Beggar Magic

Beggar Magic - H.L. Burke I got bored with this book. Nothing seemed to happen. The idea of the book was great, it just lacked substance.

The Clockwork Alice

The Clockwork Alice - DeAnna Knippling I really wanted to like this book. I found it confusing and hard to get in to, the world of wonderland seemed only to be hinted at, it was like it was there but just out of reach. World building was not their. The characters were wooden. It was like each was rushed in to existence to fill the gaps. I found my self too confused at times which took away the reading enjoyment. The book felt rushed. My feeling is that if the book had been longer and delved into deeper, with time spent on world building and character development this book could have great. But for me it was a let down.

Precinct 13

Precinct 13 - Tate Hallaway All I'm going to say at the moment is. It could have been better. I was gripped enough by wanting to know what was happening, but felt let down by character building. Most of them felt wooden. This book was lacking in believability.