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Tin - Pádraig Kenny What a fun book.

This book centers on a group of mechanicals who set out to rescue one of there own who isn't all he seems. It's about the lengths friends will go to to help no matter the differences.

This book throws you straight in to the story and in the opening chapters we meet Christopher, Jack, round Rob, Manda and Gripper. When Christopher is taken after its discovered he's not a proper boy, his friends set out to find his creator and get him back.
What follows is a series of little adventures and some truths been revealed about who Christopher is.

I really enjoyed this book, it had such innocence to it. A group of friends helping each other no matter their differences. The characters were well written and all played their parts perfectly.
I liked that the story got going straight away, with no lengthy descriptions. The world building was enough to allow me to see the world created.
All in all I really enjoyed reading this book