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Bitter Cold: A Steampunk Snow Queen

Bitter Cold: A Steampunk Snow Queen - Katina French I recieved this from the author.

I really enjoyed this book, the mix of steampunk and a different take on the tale of the snow queen fit so well. The book didn't really stray far from the orignal version of the snow queen, Greta had to save Kit who had fallen under the snow queens allure, so he could help her with her plan that was more than just freezing the world which gave it another aspect.
There was not too many characters to keep track of and each character was introduced when needed.
Greta was a very likable character, trying to make it in a mans world and do what she wanted and not what society expected of her which I really liked.
Kit was loveable he just wanted to protect Greta while still letting her be herself.
I did find the book a little short and thought it could have been longer, mainly due to the hints about certain characters. It was like ends were left that could have been expanded on, mainly Valetine and what he was up to. I would have liked a little more steampunk influence but over all I really enjoyed the book and the characters.