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Ghost in the H.A.T.B.O.X. - Frank Beddor, Adrienne Kress I was Lucky enough to be a beta reader for this book.

First of all it was great to get back to the Wonderland that Frank Beddor introduced us to in The Looking Glass Wars trilogy.

The only character from the trilogy was a young Hatter Madigan, here we get to see a different side to the Hatter we all knew has the Queens bodyguard.
This was a a fast paced tale of who Hatter Madigan was and how he became the man who saved Queen Alyss.

This Hatter was not like his older self, he was more emotional, and cared more then his older self, the fact that he didn't want to be a heart makes the story all the better, considering what such a great bodyguard he did become.

The introduction of the HATBOX and what it really was gave the story that little side adventure instead of it just being about Hatter's younger years in the academy.

We see Hatter grow and evolve from bully to the down trodden, who is excepted by those he once bullied. He by the end started to become the Hatter we all know and love.

Not much ch of Wonderland is seen in this novel, it all takes place within the academy.
This was a fun book and very engaging.