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Operation Hail Storm (Hail Series Book 1)

Operation Hail Storm (Hail Series Book 1) - Brett Arquette, Jim Gabler, Michael Picco I received a copy from the author.

First I shall admit to no finishing, this is not my usual genre to read but it sounded good and had many 5 star reviews.

Basically Marshall Hail, after the deaths of his family at the hands of terrorists decides to take the FBI most wanted list on. After killing a North Korean he attracts the CIA who want his help concerning a Russian arms dealer who was selling weapons to the guy Hail killed.

It stated out great, jumped right in and I thought great. state of the art drones getting ready to take the guy out. Nothing happened, for a few chapters. Talk about drawn out. I just got fed up of all the in depth weapon talk, don't get me wrong the was impressive. Clearly a well researched book.
Because I didn't finish the book all I can say is that it all the makings of a great thriller but it was just so long winded and too much time spent on describing the weapons.
I was expecting something similar to the Alex Hunter books by Greig Beck but wasn't to be.