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Ripper - Amy Carol Reeves Abbie is a young girl who is ent to london to live with her grandmother after her mother dies.
Abbie starts to work at whitechapel hospital with Dr Barlett a family friend and meets 2 young doctors called Simon and William.
After she's been there a week one of the patients is killed by The Ripper and it turns out Abbie has a physic connection and has visions at the same time Jack the ripper is killing. With the help of William and Simon Abbie sets out to find out who the ripper is and what really happened to her mother.

I really enjoyed this novel and was intrigued by the concept of Jack the ripper with a paranormal element.
It was great that she kept to the historical parts of Jack the ripper so it had the element of truth and a bit of fantasy thrown in.

The character of Abbie was likeable and a strong willed young women which I really liked has some female leads start out strong then turn to gello but Abbie stayed strong all the way to the end. I liked the way she defyed her grandmother without hurting her.

Simon was too much of a goody goody for my liking and was always there, but I did find the fact that he disaproved of somethings Abbie did and seemed a little controling unlike William who I was drawn to him being the bad boy and coming from the artist set that Abbie's grandmother hates. But at times I did find the fact that he tried to keep Abbie under control annoying at times.

The storyline was fast paced and kept at a constant pace and kept you intrigue till the very end and the paranormal twist on the story gave it that edge and how it all played out in the end and the little twists that kept popping up.

I found this book to be both intriguing and exciting and I will be getting the next one I need to know more about the Conclave and the mysterious elixar.