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Death of the Mad Hatter - Sarah J. Pepper, Deb Lebakken, Heather Banta, Emily DeHaan I was really surprised at how much I really enjoyed this book, it was funny, quirky and completely nuts.

Alice Mae was just such a fun character, and I loved her differences and how she just shrugged things of while trying to live in two worlds. She was also a frustrating character and I can totally understand Ryley wanting to strangle her at times, but then that's what added to her mystery and who she really was and finally became.

Ryley was likable but typical male a little dense. He took for ever to get things and when he finally did wake up I was like stupid boy.

The world created was well thought out and even though not much time was spent in wonderland it's self I still enjoyed it. I do believe it could have been a darker book especially with the Joker being a sadistic creature.
I likes the touch about the candys and why they were needed.

I just loved this book so much. A modern updated alice in wonderland.