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Good Me, Bad Me - Ali Land Wow! I really enjoyed this book. I don't really read thrillers or fiction that doesn't contain some sort of fantasy elements, but something drew me to this and I'm glad it did.
The first thing to mention is I believe this should have been written has a journal. The writing style read like a journal. Sentences ending abruptly and change of pace.
The story grips you from the start. A young girl decides to tell on her serial killer mum, and what follows is Annie now Milly, trying to fit in with her foster family, the trial of her mother and who Milly herself really is.
Things begin to unravel with Phoebe, Millys foster sister starts to bully her, setting off a series of events lead to the shocking ending.
I was kept on tenter hooks all the way through. The atmosphere just kept building till you knew something was going to happen and it did.
I'm so glad I picked this up on a whim.